Anna Brix Thomsen

Anna Brix Thomsen

Teacher and Sociologist, Co-Founder of Brix Education

Anna Brix Thomsen is a Danish Educational sociologist & Unschooling advocate. Anna has more than 17 years experience working in the education system and have worked in both pre-K, primary and special needs education as well as as a social worker working with unaccompanied refugee children.

Anna holds an undergraduate degree in pedagogy and a graduate degree in educational sociology from Aarhus University in Denmark and Stockholm University in Sweden. Anna is the co-founder of Brix Education, a company that works with supporting individuals, and children especially to develop their unique potential to the fullest.

Anna is a contributor to the working class think tank The Hampton Institute’s department of education and has contributed to the independent online sociological journal

Anna has co-authored the The International Handbook of Progressive Education and is working on an upcoming book on unschooling and deschooling within the school system.

Anna calls herself “a guerrilla teacher by day and a social media activist by night”. She documents her journey as a teacher on various social media sites to contribute to a meaninful and transformative discussion about education.

Currently Anna works as a process leader in development project with over 200 teachers focusing on supporting teachers to develop new ways the meet and include children in the education system to prevent inequality and exclusion.

Anna lives in Southern Sweden on a farm with her husband Viktor who is a lawyer together with their 3 cats, 30 chickens, 6 Icelandic horses, 1 mother in law, and soon a small puppy.


When Anna is in the house, social interaction and creativity soar. She is fearless in inspiring the people around her with her enthousiasm, meaning the job is done with more fun while quality and an eye for the needs and well-being of each individual are maintained. Get Anna involved and you and/or your organization will take giant leaps forward.

Marcel Burger

Correspondent Scandinavia, language teacher in Dutch, journalist, Uppsala Kommun, Sweden

I’ve worked with Anna for 6 years both as a fellow coach and as a business partner. During that period of time, Anna has accepted various challenging projects and has been able to achieve highest standards and excellence. Her ability to take effective actions and overcome problems has been proven to be very satisfactory. I have great admiration for Anna and I can personally vouch for her expertise, professionalism and her strength to make the impossible, possible. Maya Harel

Life Coach, Maya Harel Life Coach

Anna has, even if across the world been a friend, fellow activist and passionate researcher on the problems and solutions related to many topics, but specializing on Progressive Education and alternative ways to share living skills with children. She’s a one of a kind individual that not only focuses on the work needed to be done out there, but is also an example of what it means to ‘be the change that you want to see in the world.’ Whenever one needs a grounded, common sensical perspective that sees straight to the point of what is required to be done, assessed and directed, Anna is the person to consult.

  Marlen Vargas Del Razo

Human Right's Activist, Living Income Guaranteed

Anna Brix Thomsen is a passionate and highly respected advocate from within the alternative education moment. She has appeared on our show, For the Love of Learning, Voices of the Alternative Education Movement three times as a guest panelist and one time as a guest host. Anna brings with her years of experience pioneering change from within the system and offers creative insights leading to practical solutions. Anna’s deep passion for education and learning fuels a special blend of leadership not commonly found. Working with Anna is always a pleasure and her collaborative nature is an indication of her true commitment for her education advocacy. Lainie Liberty

Co-funder, Project World School and Host, For the Love of Learning Voices of the Alternative Education Movement, Project World School, For the Love of Learning Voices of the Alternative Education Movement